Available November 1, 2019

Black Bear cub at remote spring

Black Bear cub at remote spring

Go wild. Join David Neils as he explores areas where mountain lions roam. Learn how to see and photograph more wild wildlife. Whether you are using a handheld camera or camera traps, these membership options will help you have a richer experience every time you explore wild places. If you pay for a year in advance you’ll get two months free.

Wildlife Enthusiast - $12.00 Per Month

The Wildlife Enthusiast membership is for those who simply want to learn more about wildlife, wild places and how to get the most out of their time in the outdoors. It’s also for those who have an interest in wildlife photography and improving their skills, either with a handheld camera or camera traps. Ten percent of your membership will go directly toward supporting mountain lion conservation through The Cougar Fund.

  • Follow two camera setups per month, A-Z

  • Learn how wildlife forage, hunt and navigate, focusing on a new wildlife species monthly

  • Learn how to use camera traps successfully, with 24 unique setups per year!

  • Learn wilderness navigation and survival skills with new off-trail route monthly

  • 10% discount on workshops, presentations and hikes

Wildlife Tracker - $24.00 Per month

Female Mountain Lion

Female Mountain Lion

The Wildlife Tracker membership is for those who are planning to spend more time in the field learning how to use camera traps successfully for mountain lions and other wildlife and be more successful with a handheld camera. Many wildlife photographers would like to learn how to capture stunning images of truly wild animals outside a national park. This is for you. This is a deep dive membership where you’ll learn, step by step, how to see more wild wildlife in the field. The discounts alone will pay for more than a year’s membership. Ten percent of your membership will go directly toward supporting mountain lion conservation through The Cougar Fund.

  • Includes everything in the basic membership, plus

  • More detailed instruction on camera trap location and setup

  • Members are able to share results of their camera trap efforts and receive coaching

  • Monthly tips for wildlife photographers seeking to photography truly wild wildlife

  • 20% discount on mountain lion activity mapping in your area

  • 20% discount on deep dive instructional videos, beginning with the four natural factors used to place cameras

  • 20% discount on workshops and presentations

  • Hikes are FREE to Wildlife Tracker members (space limited to 15)

Red Fox

Red Fox

Monthly WILD wildlife photography tips

Many wildlife photographers find it difficult to photograph or film truly wild wildlife. I’ve seen as many as 200 wildlife photographers in Rocky Mountain National Park, standing side by side, photographing bugling elk, all getting basically the same photograph.

Ready for something different? Avoid the crowds and learn how to photograph WILD wildlife and have thousands of acres of incredible wildlife habitat to yourself. Whether you are using a handheld camera or remote cameras, I can help you be much more successful learning about and photographing WILD wildlife.

I’ll share tips each month that wildlife photographers and those simply interested in learning more about WILD wildlife can leverage immediately. For example, learning how cold air moves over the landscape is absolutely critical in studying and photographing predators. I’ll show you how to learn this efficiently and successfully using many tools, including weather.gov, Google Earth and time in the field. Each month I’ll do a deep dive into new tips you can leverage immediately.

Off Trail Hiking - Rawah Wilderness, Colorado

Off Trail Hiking - Rawah Wilderness, Colorado

Safely and boldly navigate on or off trail with a new route Every month

I’ve learned through my wilderness survival and off trail navigation courses that most hikers are uncomfortable hiking off trail for fear of getting lost. With some basic knowledge and planning this can be completely avoided, easily. The majority of our public land is only accessible by hiking off trail. Take the Neota Wilderness where only 1.5 miles of designated trails exist. This is an incredible wilderness that is only accessible by hiking off trail.

Follow me on these monthly adventures as I share a myriad of tips along with the ten essentials everyone should have in their pack, how to use them, and enjoy the other 90% of public land not accessible by current trails or roads. You’ll learn how to create a route and itinerary, share it easily with two trusted contacts, boldly navigate anywhere and be prepared to survive any emergency.

Members who live in Colorado are encouraged to join me on these hikes.