Member Area

My focus of this area is to make a difference for people and the wild places and wildlife we all appreciate. I want to make sure the cost of being a member is outweighed many times over by the benefits you receive. Through this member portal I'll share exclusive content, the best of the best, detailed instructions on how I capture mountain lion footage weekly without the use of any lures. I welcome your feedback on what's working for you as a member and what I can improve upon. 


Wild Places

This is the view I had at age six of Granite Lake in the Cabinet Wilderness Area. This wild place grabbed my heart and soul and never let go. 


Wild Footage

There is something magical about pouring over maps, making assumptions about hunting and travel routes of an apex predator like this lion and then capturing the footage I was hoping for. 


Wild Conservation

Whether it's planting trees or banding a barn owl, we can all make a difference. This area will be full of ideas you can get involved in locally or globally. Let's move from exposure to engagement!