Resources and Tips

10 Essentials Plus

Wilderness Navigation can be an enjoyable experience if you have the skills and critical essential items with you to handle emergencies. Most lists do not include the critical and most important task of creating a route, sharing the route, sticking to the route and notifying two contacts of your route and itinerary and when you are returning. Contacting your contacts by a specified time upon your return is also critical.

If you have to spend the night out, there will be two pressing questions:

  1. Who knows my location?

  2. When do they expect me to return?

Without solid, positive answers to these questions it can turn hopeless in a hurry. You can avoid this challenge completely by ensuring you have the ten essentials with you AND a personal locator beacon like the SPOT unit ( This unit has many helpful features, including an S.O.S. signal for 911 emergencies.

Trail Cameras

I am asked almost daily what kind of trail camera I recommend for capturing footage or images of wildlife. My current favorite is the Browning Recon Force Advantage camera. The camera records video at 60 frames per second (fps) which results in fantastic day and night footage.

This camera typically retails for $179.00. Contact me for the latest information and if I know of a cheaper price I’ll point you in that direction.