Services Overview

Wild Nature Media provides services for research scientists, wildlife biologists, wildlife photographers and others who simply want to learn about how wildlife use the landscape, develop and implement conservation projects and document and celebrate great conservation work underway. 


Survive to Thrive Workshops

I enjoy helping folks move from surviving to thriving in the backcountry. It starts with navigation skills through an orienteering workshop. From there it progresses to survival skills. After you have navigation and survival down, it’s time to lean into all the backcountry has to offer including how different wildlife species use the landscape.


Consulting and mapping

Landowners want to know more about the wildlife present on their property during different times of year. They are also interested in being safe around wildlife, especially predators, and improving the habitat of all wildlife present. 

We offer mapping services for landowners, showing them how wildlife are using their land and discussing conservation projects that would benefit wildlife, watersheds and soil health. In addition to mapping we also offer consulting on how to effectively use camera traps or trail cameras to capture wildlife images and video effectively. We'll save you at least ten years of figuring it out on your own. You'll get fantastic results right away if wildlife are present on your property. 


Conservation Spotlights

We are eager to showcase the incredible conservation work that landowners are doing around the world, many unsung heroes that deserve recognition and celebration. Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, west of Loveland, Colorado, is the focus of this spotlight.