Services Overview

Wild Nature Media provides services for research scientists, wildlife biologists, wildlife photographers and others who simply want to learn about how wildlife use the landscape, develop and implement conservation projects and document and celebrate great conservation work underway. 

Female Mountain Lion with Whitetail Deer

Female Mountain Lion with Whitetail Deer

Remote Camera Wildlife Workshops

If you'd like to learn more about how to set up cameras for mountain lions or other wildlife, learn in depth about their habits and habitat, and see so much more when you are out in wild places, please contact me. I'm offering two day workshops that cover A-Z how capture weekly footage of mountain lions without the use of any lures. This is all completely wild footage of wild animals. It's based on over 30,000 hours in the field. The workshops will be held in Northern Colorado. The first day we'll explore the best places to set up cameras based on many of the factors I covered in this thread. We'll set up cameras at those locations, including your cameras if you're interested. The second day, at least two weeks later, we'll check the cameras and discuss what was captured in video and why. The workshop can be customized based on physical ability and time available.

Cost: $500 for two day workshop. Additional consulting available.

Navigating off-trail in the Rocky Mountains!

Navigating off-trail in the Rocky Mountains!

Wilderness Navigation and Survival

This course is designed to teach students to navigate and survive the backcountry with confidence.  The course will include a Friday evening presentation and discussion followed by a day in the field on a Saturday. If the student can’t make the Friday evening presentation they can opt for the online instruction.

Students will learn these skills: 

  • Become skilled using topographic maps

  • Develop compass and GPS skills

  • Learn how to create and navigate a wilderness route

  • Responding to emergency situations

  • Learn how to use the ten essentials every hiker/backpacker should bring

Cost: $200 (Minimum of 5 students)


Conservation Spotlights

We are eager to showcase the incredible conservation work that landowners are doing around the world, many unsung heroes that deserve recognition and celebration. Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, west of Loveland, Colorado, is the focus of this spotlight. 

Cost: $4,000